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Apex Services are one of the biggest and most established play-by-mail fantasy football companies around. We have been running fantasy football leagues since 1987 and our games have been sampled by over 100,000 football fans from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Every week, managers from as far away as Australia and Singapore have been filling their team selections and choice of tactical options for their upcoming games, experiencing all the joys and thrills of professional soccer management.

We have also provided computer-simulated predictions of real-life games to the media, including SHOOT! and MATCH magazines, and been very successful, especially on the outcomes of several Premiership title run-ins. Amazingly, in 1995, the TODAY newspaper commissioned us to simulate the entire forthcoming Premiership season before a ball was kicked, and the vast majority of our predictions for each club were either correct or very close indeed, indicating that our unique football management software is very realistic.

Through our experience and vast knowledge of football compiled over the years, and our love of the game, we have expanded into providing this top-quality loadfootball website for your enjoyment, incorporating all aspects of football, including our football management games.


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