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The giants of Premier 2, Anfield Aces, and current holders of the Apex Champions League, have been knocked out in the initial group stages of the compeitition, after only ending up in a poor 3rd position in Group 19, and couldn't even qualify as a "wildcard" entry. A very mediocre campaign in a group from which they should have progressed, they will be bitterly disappointed.
But CONGRATULATIONS to the 52 teams who did qualify automatically from the group stage and also to the lucky "wildcard" teams (Sussex Select, LFC Continental, Darkvale, Rush Green City, Clachnacudden, Fairfield FC, Dover Bombers, Stanion Villa, Crispy Duck Vindaloo, Club Rangers, Belfast Bombers, Byron Park FC of P3) who were the 12 best 3rd-placed teams.
The draw for Round Two is as follows below. Group winners have not been drawn against each other, neither have wildcards.
The draw is also pre-determined from now on, e.g. the winners from 'A' will play the winners from 'B', winners from 'C' will play winners from 'D' and so on . . .
Good luck! The deadline for the 1st-leg matches is TUESDAY 23RD NOVEMBER, so please ensure your teamsheet gets to us by that date. Use any column on your teamsheet for your line-up and tactics.

A     Barfelona                    v                    Holston Rovers
B     Witfield Albion             v                    Crispy Duck Vindaloo
C     St Martins                   v                    Sporting Utd
D     Dunadry                      v                    Darkvale
E     D.P.D Utd                   v                    L.F.C Continental
F     Brazil 2002                  v                    The Panthers
G     Byron Park FC (P3)     v                    Sporting Club Comber
H     Oakvale                       v                   Red Star Celtic
I     Inter Norwich                 v                   Olympic Sportsclub
J     Highgate Rangers          v                   Gillingham Town
K     Stanion Lions               v                   Abuel Town
L     Melrose Maulers           v                   Fairfield FC
M     Castle Athletic             v                   Newlyn East Rangers
N     Sussex Select              v                   Huddersfield Terriers
O     Buckden Rovers            v                   Ram Raiders
P     Chaddlewood FC           v                   Swanscombe Utd
Q     Dover Bombers             v                    Wibsey Ravers
R     Jade Victoria                 v                    Byron Park FC Res
S     Cascarino's Gunners       v                    Dark Destroyers
T     Craven Aces                   v                    Stempson Park
U     Club Rangers                 v                    Muckamore
V     Roding Rovers                v                    Owls Utd
W     J.J Elite FC                   v                    Clachnacudden
X     Spurs Ultra XI                 v                    Talbot Utd
Y     Rush Green City             v                     Rochdale Rovers
Z     Jesters Bridge                 v                     Newhall Netbusters
1     Stanion Villa                   v                      Plymouth Pilgrims
2     Byron Park FC (P61)        v                     Belfast Bombers
3     Welsh Warriors                v                     Brightstars FC
4     Clownsville Tallahasee      v                     Falcon P.F Allstars
5     Holston Utd                      v                    Staff's Bombers
6     Yokohama Flugels            v                    Plymouth Raiders


Yes, at last, the draw for this year's Champions League groups has been made and is listed below. The clubs which have entered will be receiving their teamsheets very soon and the deadline for getting your tactics back to us is TUE 7th SEPTEMBER and the games will take place during that week. We had a very good number of entrants again and this year's championships look set to be exciting as ever.

Remember, the top 2 from each group will progress to the knockout stages, as well as the next 12 best 3rd-placed teams from any group, so there's plenty to play for.

Rules and tactics will be the same as our Euro game and only the following formations are allowed:

OFFENCE "A": 4-4-2, 5-4-1, 4-5-1, 5-3-2, 5-2-3

OFFENCE "B": 3-4-3, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-2-4, 5-2-3, 4-5-1, 5-3-2

OFFENCE "C": 3-3-4, 3-4-3, 4-2-4, 3-2-5

There will not be any random rating increases, either.


GROUP 1: Melrose Maulers (P5), Eccles Palace (P34), Exiles (P29), Jade Victoria (P16), Gosport Rovers (P21), Celtic Utd (P1)

GROUP 2: Sussex Select (P31), Roding Rovers (P46), Oakvale (P56), Elgin Ath (P26), Moat Farm Utd (P1), Magic Men (P3)

GROUP 3: Welsh Warriors (P29), Rochdale Rovers (P16), Molly Bads (P21), LFC Continental (P56), St Maestro Bay (P46), South West Utd (P31)

GROUP 4: Cas Gunners (P34), Rowletts Rovers (P1), Dream Team Utd (P5), Swanscombe (P3), Goalsmashers (P47), Crapston Mackers (P29)

GROUP 5: Dynamo Hotspur (P2), Darkvale (P11), Owls Utd (P61), Wibsey Ravers (P56), Roding Utd (P46), Mundial 82 (P26)

GROUP 6: Talbot Reserves (P31), Rush Green City (P5), St Martins (P3), Newton Heath (P1), Buckden Rovers (P16), Schergan Unit (P2)

GROUP 7: Clachnacudden (P61), Sporting Club Comber (P27), Hanham Abbots (P26), Cross End Utd (P2), The Boys in Maroon (P11), Clownsville (P16)

GROUP 8: J.J Elite (P16), Gillingham Town (P21), Hunsdon Utd (P61), FC MOssley (P29), Fairfield FC (P46), WWW.Allstars (P31)

GROUP 9: Dover Bombers (P5), Brightstars (P3), Blackstone Rangers (P11), Abuel Town (P31), Norman Bates (P56), Liverpool Celtic (P21)

GROUP 10: Star Challengers (P61), Liverpool Reds (P16), Sporting Utd (P26), Falcon PF Allstars (P3), Stanion Villa (P56), FC Grovener (P5)

GROUP 11: Brazil 2002 (P5), Craven Aces (P34), Utah Jazz (P3), Charmouth Ath (P47), Barca Lincoln (P56), Gay Gordons (P11)

GROUP 12: Nameks R Green (P56), Barfelona (P1), JKD Sporting (P11), The Panthers (P16), Poolsharks (P61), FC Lonsdale (P34)

GROUP 13: Burgh Rovers (P2), Muckamore (P1), Dream Team City (P5), DPD Utd (P46), Superwell (P29), Hunmanby Hornets (P3)

GROUP 14: Crispy Duck Vindaloo (P3), Bootsville (P56), Talbot Utd (P31), Stempson Park (P2), Purton Forest (P29), Spalding Ath (P5)

GROUP 15: Everton Blues (P16), Southill Town (P1), Merthyr Ath (P21), Highgate Rangers (P56), Yokohama Flugels (P27), Newcastle City (P3)

GROUP 16: Scouse Superstars (P56), Byron Park FC Res (P61), Holston Utd (P46), Red Manchester (P31), Happy Days (P1), Leicester Fosse (P34)

GROUP 17: Sentini Again (P26), Plymouth Raiders (P2), Castle Ath (P31), Knightwood (P56), Sharpshooters (P11), Halftime Oranges (P29)

GROUP 18: Ram Raiders (P56), Club Rangers (P47), Hudds Terriers (P29), Dariolanders (P26), Celtic Bhoys (P16), Thrashers Utd (P34)

GROUP 19: Staff's Bombers (P21), Holston Rovers (P56), Temple Villa (P16), Anfield Aces (P2), FC Mossley (P61), Hurley Utd (P26)

GROUP 20: Tudor Utd (P31), Treburrick FC (P1), Witfield Albion (P47), Newhall Netbusters (P46), Inter Bont (P5), Jokestown Jugglers (P61)

GROUP 21: Dark Forces (P1), Extrusioneers (P29), Plymouth Pilgrims (P29), Red Star Celtic (P16), Trenton Grove (P61), Rockstars (P34)

GROUP 22: Wiseguys (P16), Dark Destroyers (P46), Byron Park (P61), AC Corbiere (P27), Moston FC (P26), Trojan Warriors (P21)

GROUP 23: Liverpool Legends (P2), Dunadry (P1), Vivaz La Vega (P61), Belfast Bombers (P34), Stanion Lions (P29), Boychester City (P16)

GROUP 24: Inter Norwich (P3), Liverpool Legends (P16), Chaddlewood FC (P29), Kedgeville Ducks (P47), AC Sentini (P26), MOD Ath (P47)

GROUP 25: Leeds Loiners (P27), Beckingham Palace (P1), Hotspurs FC (P2), The Widdy Roaders (P61), Spurs Ultra XI (P16), Jesters Bridge (P34)

GROUP 26: Purton Utd (P1), Byron Park (P3), Olympic Sportsclub (P47), Bredbury Rovers (P29), Newlyn East Rangers (P26), Berwick Hearts (P1)


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