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Play-by-mail (PBM) is a super way of playing strategy games through the mail, allowing for more flexibility and complexity and unlimited interaction with your opponents.

No need for computer equipment or expensive software, we handle all that side of things, you just need the rules book outlining instructions on how to play.

PBM enables you to pit your skills against all kinds of people from different backgrounds from all over the world, week in, week out, and offers a great way of making friends who share the same interests as you.

The anticipation and excitement of receiving your results pack through your letterbox takes some beating and what can be more fun than receiving letters, e-mails or phone calls from other managers who want to wheel and deal with your football club.

Managers can choose the style of play for their teams, ranging from the direct play of Watford or Wimbledon to the subtle elegance of Juventus or the dynamic extravagance of Man Utd.

Once all managers' instructions reach our offices, the results are determined by our highly complex computer programme and each team is issued with detailed match reports, describing the major highlights, team line-ups, crowd attendance, gate receipts, club wages and much more!

There is also an active transfer market, which is every bit as crazy and unpredictable as in the real professional game.

Recreating all the tension and thrills of professional soccer management, Apex PBM is an addictive and enjoyable hobby which gives you the opportunity to really test your football know-how and expertise and win yourself real trophies in the process.

You do not require a computer to take part, simply a desire a create your own top club. You can compete in the comfort of your own home, content in the knowledge that the lads at Apex are compiling all the results, league tables, transfer news and gossip, etc, on your behalf.

You also get the chance to compete against other football fans, instead of simply playing against the computer or a few friends as you normally would with a computer management game for your PC or Playstation.

You can phone, e-mail or write to other managers to negotiate transfer deals and make yourself some new friends (or enemies) in the process.

So, if you think you can do a better job than Fergie, Wenger or O'Leary, why not put yourself to the test and find out how good you really are by joining one of the Apex PBM leagues.

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