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font size="2">Now you can become a David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson rolled into one in APEX PBM SOCCER, the original and best soccer management game in the world!

That's right! Join our super fantasy football game and become a player/manager in your own team! Create your own soccer club from scratch!

You can make yourself a top goalkeeper
like Peter Schmeichel, a tough tackling defender in the Tony Adams mould, a creative midfield genius like David Beckham or a super striker like Alan Shearer and lead your club to glory both on and off the pitch!

This is all possible in Apex PBM Soccer, our fictional play-by-mail football strategy game, still the most popular around after 15 years!

Just could score the winner in the cup final AND manage your team to success in the league title race!

You can even increase your fun further and put family members and friends in your squad....or how about using Tony Blair to form a deadly striking partnership with Elvis Presley!

It's entirely up to you - let your imagination run riot!

The original and best football management game is now in it's 15th year and just gets better and better!  Some of our members have been playing for over 10 years and manage multiple teams in different leagues. What's more, many of them have produced their own websites for their particular clubs and leagues which increases the interactivity and enjoyment to new heights! Take a look at what they say about our game at members' comments.

Don't hang about! Get stuck into the rules and create your own team immediately and reserve your place in the league TODAY.


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