EP19 end of season stuff

Apex Soccer League: APEX SOCCER LEAGUE: EP19 end of season stuff
By Philip Burton (Lordburt) on Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 01:14 pm:


1 S HENDERSON GK5+ form 48
2 L N'DIAYE DEF 6+ form 67
3 M HUMMELS DEF 6+ form 61
4 S MANOLEV DEF 7 form 57
5 R McGIVERN DEF 6+ form 115
6 O TOIVONEN MID 7 form 110
7 A VALENCIA MID 6*+ form 82
8 A ITURRASPE MID 5+ form 40
9 S EBANKS-BLAKE ATT 7+ form 118
10 Y GOUFFRAN ATT 7 form 120
11 F RASPENTINO ATT 6+ form 77
12 L NARSINGH ATT 7 form 122
13 G SANJOY ATT 6* form 64
14 DENTINHO ATT 5+ form 11
15 T MATAVZ ATT 5+ form 12
24 P TYTON GK 4+

Final stats for PSV this season. No need for any appeals. 5 x 6+ and 5 x 6 for next season and hopeful of improving the squad with a couple of deals lined up.

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Friday, March 24, 2017 - 06:33 am:


H Lloris 30yo GK7 form 65 coached x3
A Sala 23yo GK4 (NTO) form 51 coached x5

N Otamendi 29yo DEF7* form 92 coached x5
G Bale 28yo DEF7*+ form 111 coached x5
J Boateng 28yo DEF7*+ form 146 coached x5
C Azpilicueta 27yo DEF6*+ form 54 coached x5
I Monreal 30yo DEF5+ form 39 coached x2
S Monsoreau 36yo DEF4

C Ronaldo 32yo MID8* form 112 coached x5
A Iniesta 33yo MID7* form 78 coached x5
Willian 28yo MID7*+ form 135 coached x1
E Hazard 26yo MID7* (NTO) form 102 coached x5
I Muniain 24yo MID7*+ form 122 coached x5
N De Jong 31yo MID5+

L Messi 29yo ATT7*+ form 134 coached x5
A Aguero 29yo ATT7+ form 119 coached x5
D Costa 28yo ATT7+ form 149 coached x5

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Friday, March 24, 2017 - 06:39 am:


P Cech 34yo GK7 form 75
J Steer 25yo GK3

R Bertrand 28yo DEF6*+ form 58
J Gomez 19yo DEF6+ form 140 coached x5

D Alli 20yo MID6+ form 98 coached x5
C Taylor 23yo MID6*+ form 121 coached x5
W Hughes 22yo MID7* form 156 coached x5
D Praet 22yo MID6*+ form 114 coached x5
S Defour 29yo MID5+
Y Tielemans 19yo MID5+ form 20
D Brasanac 29yo MID4

P Dybala 23yo ATT7* form 106 coached x5
H Kane 23yo ATT6+ form 91 coached x5
K Iheanacho 20yo ATT6+ (NTO) form 101 coached x4 (loaned from Rangers)
Eduardo 33yo ATT5+ form 8

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Friday, March 24, 2017 - 07:22 am:


M Neuer 31yo GK7 form 66
M Boussa 24yo GK4

A Laporte 22yo DEF7 form 107 coached x5
C Samba 33yo DEF5+

C Eriksen 25yo MID7 form 54 coached x4
S Jovetic 27yo MID7* form 62
M Gotze 24yo MID6*+ form 88 coached x5
A Gomes 23yo MID6+ form 59 coached x5
Ji-Sung Park 36yo MID4

C Atsu 25yo ATT7* form 81 coached x5
Neymar 24yo ATT7 form 80
A Martial 20yo ATT7 form 74 coached x1
S De Jong 26yo ATT6*+ form 77 coached x5
A Nimely 26yo ATT6*+ form 59 (loaned from AEK) coached x4
V Janssen 23yo ATT6+ form 58 coached x5

By Chris Jaggs (Buzz) on Friday, March 24, 2017 - 05:46 pm:

The end of season latest from Red HQ, appeals have come back, one successful from four…

Athletic Bilbao

Liam Bossin G5 age 20, 18 form

H Bellerin D5+ age 21, 18 form
Marcelo D5*+ age 29, 38 form *AVAILABLE*
Cala D6 age 27, 50 form * appeal won – now a D6+ * *AVAILABLE*
K Zouma D5 age 22, 50 form * appeal failed *
K Rekik D4*+ age 22, 46 form

M Ozil M6 age 28, 43 form
Aaron Ramsey M6+ age 26, 66 form
A Sanchez M6*+ age 28, 52 form
A Talisca M5*+ age 22, 51 form

Pedro A6+ age 29, 99 form *AVAILABLE*
D Welbeck A5+ age 26, 24 form
L Suarez A7 age 30, 71 form *AVAILABLE*
K Benzema A7 age 29, 62 form *AVAILABLE*


Ter Stegen G5+ age 24, 21 form

L Koscielny D6+ age 31, 54 form *AVAILABLE*
Mauricio D6+ age 28, 53 form
B Jones D6* age 30, 6 form *AVAILABLE*
A Lazevski D7 age 29, 55 form *AVAILABLE*
V Chiriches D6+ age 26, 65 form
Ledley King D6 age 35, 34 form
L Bonnuci D7 age 29, 55 form *AVAILABLE*
R Dozalleos D6*+ age 34, 37 form

J Wilshere M6 age 25, 12 form
Mario Suarez M6 age 29, 4 form *AVAILABLE*
Gary Medel M6, age 29, 50 form * appeal failed *
Granit Xhaka M6+ age 24, 59 form
Ashley Young M6*+ age 31, 6 form *AVAILABLE*

T Walcott A6+ age 28, 54 form
Isco A6+ age 24, 62 form
S Sinclair A6+ age 28, 71 form
W Rooney A7 age 31, 56 form *AVAILABLE*
J Defoe A6 age 35, 4 form
J Reyes A7* age 33, 54 form

Youth player: Samuel Umtiti Def6 age 23

By Jason Daniels (Newdenlions) on Friday, March 24, 2017 - 08:03 pm:


1. C Pantilimon 27yo GK5+ form 24
3. M Darmian 27yo DEF7 form 61
4. A Mariappa 31yo DEF7 form 83
5. S Coates 26yo DEF7+ form 111
6. M Ross 33yo DEF7* form 79
7. J Denayer 21yo DEF5+ form 15
9. J Farfan 32yo ATT6*+ form 53
10. D Vaughan 34yo MID7* form 71
11. A Mancini 24yo MID6* form 83
12. R Mahrez 25yo MID6*+ form 82
13. G Bruno 24yo ATT5*+ form 12
14. C Wood 25yo ATT7+ form 136
15. F Campbell 29yo ATT7 form 81
16. N Burns 29yo ATT7 form 75
17. J Draxler 24yo ATT5+ form 8
18. P Jagielka 34yo DEF6+ form 52
24. L Karius 25yo GK4 form 0

YOUTH FIND.... G.Jesus 19yo ATT6



1. J Butland 24yo GK5+ form 6
3. D Rose 26yo DEF6*+ form 40
4. C Clarke 27yo DEF5*+ form 41
5. A Tamata 26yo DEF6* form 34
6. D Alaba 25yo DEF5*+ form 2
7. D Hoilett 26yo MID5*+ form 10
8. S Canales 26yo MID6* form 50 (WILL APPEAL)
9. J Livermore 26yo MID5*+ form 28
10. D Klaasen 24yo MID5*+ form 36
11. A Lallana 29yo MID6*+ form 63
12. A Maher 24yo MID6* form 98
13. S Mane 24yo MID5*+ form 4
14. D Mellor 23yo MID5* form 18
15. A Little 28yo ATT6*+ form 43
16. A Chedjou 28yo ATT6* form 40
24. Pacheco 25yo GK4 form 0

YOUTH FIND.... A.Morata 24yo ATT6

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Friday, March 24, 2017 - 08:56 pm:


D Ospina 28yo GK6+ form 64 (loaned from Anderlecht) coached x4
A Areola 24yo GK5 form 35 coached x5

I Cheminava 26yo DEF7 form 74
V Wanyama 25yo DEF7 form 95 coached x5
J Lukaku 23yo DEF6*+ form 71 coached x5

M Salah 24yo MID7* form 66
N Kebano 24yo MID6*+ (NTO) form 105 coached x5
A Rabiot 22yo MID6 form 63 coached x5
R Davies 30yo MID5+ form 25 coached x2
R Bazoer 20yo MID5* form 75 coached x5
H Bunn 24yo MID4

J Pastore 27yo ATT7* form 93 coached x5
V Moses 26yo ATT7* form 58 coached x1
A Schurrle 26yo ATT7 form 95 coached x5
A Sainrimat 24yo ATT7 form 65 coached x5
A Campbell 23yo ATT7 form 93 coached x5
E Lamela 24yo ATT7* form 70 coached x5
P Gallagher 32yo ATT5+ form 8 coached x1
M Rigters 33yo ATT3

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Friday, March 24, 2017 - 09:02 pm:


T Courtois 25yo GK6+ form 70 coached x5
M Langerak 28yo GK4+ form 34 coached x5

V Kompany 31yo DEF7* form 76 coached x2
M Richards 29yo DEF7* form 92 coached x5
Juanfran 32yo DEF5+ form 13 coached x1
M Taylor 38yo DEF4
S Ignashevich 37yo DEF4
R Sastre 24yo DEF3 form 4

P Pogba 23yo MID7* form 78 coached x1
S Niguez 22yo MID7* form 118 coached x5
A Vidal 29yo MID7 form 89 coached x5
Fernandinho 32yo MID5+ form 46 coached x5

T Muller 27yo ATT7*+ form 68 coached x3
X Shaqiri 25yo ATT7* form 72 coached x1
T Alcantara 25yo ATT7* form 84 coached x1
C Gadi 25yo ATT7* form 61 coached x5 (loaned from AEK)
M Balotelli 26yo ATT7 form 83 coached x2

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Friday, March 24, 2017 - 09:10 pm:


S Bruzzese 29yo GK6 form 90 coached x5
B Jones 34yo GK4 form 6

D Boyata 27yo DEF7 form 96 coached x5
E Dier 21yo DEF6*+ (NTO) form 104 coached x5
Emre Can 23yo DEF6* form 86 coached x5
K Gunter 22yo DEF6+ (NTO) form 103 coached x5
G Cahill 31yo DEF5+

J Henderson 26yo MID7* form 76
J Shelvey 25yo MID7* form 80
S Murray 23yo MID5*+ form 15 coached x1
R Quaresma 33yo MID5+
M Adu 27yo MID4
C McCann 30yo MID4 form 17 coached x2

Nolito 30yo ATT7 form 132 coached x4
D Jennings 24yo ATT7+ form 102 coached x2
R Firmino 25yo ATT7 form 113 coached x5
A Januzaj 22yo ATT6*+ form 131 coached x5

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 08:26 am:


A Begovic 29yo GK6+ form 62 coached x1
V Golas 25yo GK3

H Badstuber 28yo DEF7 form 77 coached x1
A Williams 32yo DEF5+ form 21 coached x2

J Martinez 29yo MID7* form 62 coached x2
A Witsel 28yo MID7* form 62
O De Marcos 27yo MID7* form 90 coached x5
M De Cuevas 26yo MID7* form 79 coached x5
Gerson 25yo MID7* form 68 (loaned from Partizan)
M Verratti 24yo MID6+ form 61 coached x5
Jeffren 28yo MID5 form 26 coached x4
S Deisler 36yo MID4

E Vargas 27yo ATT7* form 60 coached x2
O Trejo 24yo ATT7* form 60 coached x5 (loaned from Partizan)
R Lewandowski 28yo ATT7+ (NTO) form 150 coached x2
P-E Aubameyang 26yo ATT7 form 66 coached x5
W Zaha 24yo ATT7 form 86 coached x5
A Lacazette 26yo ATT7 form 60 coached x5
G Kakuta 26yo ATT4
D Rubio 23yo ATT3

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 08:32 am:


S Locke 25yo GK5+ (NTO) form 57
L Steele 33yo GK4
J Rose 22yo GK4

J Spence 27yo DEF7* form 91 coached x5
C Dawson 26yo DEF7 form 73 coached x5
Sokratis 28yo DEF7 form 68
M Nastastic 23yo DEF7 form 77 coached x1
F Fazio 30yo DEF5+ form 44 coached x5

Oscar 25yo MID7 form 62 coached x4
P Coutinho 23yo MID7* form 63 coached x4
A Lennon 30yo MID5

A Salougin 29yo ATT7 form 72 coached x5
S Nicholson 29yo ATT7 form 60
C Wilkinson 22yo ATT6*+ form 77 coached x5
R Lukaku 24yo ATT7+ form 111 coached x5
M Icardi 24yo ATT6+ form 91 coached x5

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 01:05 pm:


J Tomic 24yo GK5+ (NTO) form 57
L Kelly 21yo GK4 form 15 coached x4

J Bernat 23yo DEF6*+ form 65 coached x5
A Sandro 26yo DEF5+ form 4
F Santana 30yo DEF5+ form 59 coached x5

C Adam 30yo MID6 form 67 coached x4
I Williams 22yo MID5*+ form 6
M Van Ginkel 24yo MID5+ form 20
Rafinha 23yo MID6 form 55 coached x4
E Maresca 37yo MID4

R Sterling 22yo ATT7 form 67 coached x5
L Moura 23yo ATT6+ form 98 coached x5
J Iturbe 24yo ATT5+ form 18 coached x1
V Fischer 23yo ATT6 form 90 coached x5
S Berahino 23yo ATT5+ form 56 coached x5
J Baptista 36yo ATT4+ form 4

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 01:10 pm:

AEK Athens (Dave)

L Sepe 25yo GK5+ form 36
P Dounis 20yo GK4 form 3

M De Sciglio 25yo DEF6+ form 79 coached x5
M Faraoni 25yo DEF5+ form 44 coached x5
A Thompson 24yo DEF6 form 93 coached x5
A Rahman Baba 22yo DEF5*+ form 27 coached x1
B Martins 25yo DEF5
E Stavnas 19yo DEF5 form 72 coached x5
S Mango 26yo DEF4 form 2
K Burger 21yo DEF4
M Targett 20yo DEF4

A Zivkovic 20yo MID5+ form 40
N Ninkovic 22yo MID5+ form 68 coached x5
M Kovacic 22yo MID5+ form 63 coached x5
N Sahin 28yo MID3

A Abdurahmani 24yo ATT6*+ form 105 coached x5
G Kondogbia 23yo ATT6* form 79 coached x5
C Mane 22yo ATT4+
S Kurt 20yo ATT5 form 68 coached x5
N Eccleston 26yo ATT4

By Jason Daniels (Newdenlions) on Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 04:37 pm:

Man City are after the youngest possible NSR def6/6+. Got cash and lots of over 30's to deal with.

Real Madrid probably need a complete re-jig with under 26yo's being sought. All players can leave.

By Steven Campanelle (Campo1976) on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 06:01 pm:

Following Bayern Munich players available:-

M Strohmaier 23 yo Def 5+ For Sale
L Kurzawa 24 yo Def 5+ For Sale
J Thompson 19 yo Mid 5+ For Sale
P Weirauch 23 yo Att 5+ For Sale
N Redmond 22 yo Att 5+ For Sale

Cash or swaps. * players preferred. 2/3/4 for 1 if right player offered.


By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 06:44 pm:

No successful appeals for me.

Dave had one, E Dier now finishes the season as a DEF7*.

By Ryan Campanelle (Campo1998) on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 06:59 pm:

I got Chelsea's H Ben Arfa to a nsr att 7 after appeal. Finished a 7+ on 150 form.

By Jason Daniels (Newdenlions) on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 07:59 pm:

One appeal - one success.

S. Canales at Real Madrid 6* to 6 *+.

By Steven Campanelle (Campo1976) on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 09:55 am:

None from three from my three.

Bayern's Kurzawa & Strohmaier remains 5+'s, hence their availability & Man Utd's C Chambers remains a 5+ as well.

By Steven Campanelle (Campo1976) on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 10:02 am:

Following players for sale from two of my sides.

Benfica - K Honda 31 yo nsr Att 6+ - 3.5 million

Ajax - J Hoyte 31 yo nsr Def 6 - 2 million

By Steven Campanelle (Campo1976) on Friday, March 31, 2017 - 08:01 am:

Bayern's N Redmond & J Thompson now sold.

Bayern have cash for an early/mid 20's 5*+ if anyone has one for sale?

By Chris Jaggs (Buzz) on Sunday, April 02, 2017 - 05:30 pm:

The Pre-Season sale continues..


Mario Suarez Mid5+ age 29 £1m
Gary Medel Mid5+ age 29 £1m
B Jones Def5*+ age 30 £1m

Available for player swaps..

W Rooney Att6+ age 31
Mauricio Def6 age 28
Vlad Chiriches Def6 age 26
L Bonucci Def6+ age 29
Ashley Young Att6* age 31


Available for player swaps..

Marcelo Def5*+ age 29
Cala Def6 age 27
Pedro Att6 age 29
K Benzema Att6+ age 29
L Suarez Att6+ age 30

For both teams, ideally looking for younger players rated 5+/ 6. Happy to try and do '2 for 1' or '3 for 2' deals.


By Chris Jaggs (Buzz) on Thursday, April 06, 2017 - 01:09 pm:

W Rooney att6+ bar age 31 is available for a bargain £4m, fully house trained, can even wipe his own behind!

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