EP19 Games 17-20

Apex Soccer League: APEX SOCCER LEAGUE: EP19 Games 17-20
By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 06:55 am:

Division 1

1.Betis 40pts
2.Chelsea 40pts
3.Inter 39pts
4.Man City 37pts
5.Everton 34pts
6.Benfica 33pts
7.Hibernian 32pts
8.Napoli 31pts
9.Southampton 29pts
10.WBA 28pts
11.Arsenal 27pts
12.Ajax 26pts
13.Hamburg 26pts
14.Juventus 24pts
15.Wolves 24pts
16.Liverpool 24pts
17.PSG 24pts
18.D Kiev 23pts
19.Anderlecht 21pts
20.PSV 19pts
21.Sporting 19pts
22.Watford 18pts
23.Porto 16pts
24.Lazio 16pts

By Alex Bozman (Icewarriors) on Friday, July 28, 2017 - 09:29 pm:


J LASCELLES 23 DEF 5+ Form 24 Coached 1
T KANE 29 DEF5+ Form 30 Coached 1
M OLSSON 29 DEF 5 Form 2
M BEEVERS 27 DEF5+ Form 29 Coached 2
J SPEARING 28 DEF 6* Form 36 Coached 3
J STANISLAS 28 MID 5*+ Form 32 Coached 2
A JOHNSON 29 MID6* Form 38 Coached 2
I HAJROVIC 25 MID 5+ Form 13 Coached 1
S SCANNELL 27 ATT5+ Form 44 Coached 2
J JACKSON 24 ATT5+ Form 24
S CISSE 23 ATT5+ Form 24
F KAINZ 24 MID 5 Form 48 Coached 3
B SILVA 22 MID 5*+ Form 9 Coached 2
S LOACH 29 GK5+ Form 24 Coached 3
N ZABOLOTNY 27 GK5+ Form 3

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 10:43 pm:


H Lloris 30yo GK7 form 53 coached x5   
A Sala 23yo GK4 form 10 coached x2    

N Otamendi 29yo DEF7* form 72 coached x5 
G Bale 28yo DEF7* form 62
J Boateng 28yo DEF6*+ form 26    
I Monreal 30yo DEF5+     
S Monsoreau 36yo DEF4     

C Ronaldo 32yo MID7* form 40 
A Iniesta 33yo MID6*+ form 30    
Willian 28yo MID6*+ form 33 coached x1     
E Hazard 26yo MID7* form 60 coached x5  
I Muniain 24yo MID6*+ form 34 coached x1     
N De Jong 31yo MID5+     

L Messi 29yo ATT6*+ form 18    
D Costa 28yo ATT6+ form 26  
R Sterling 22yo ATT6+ form 18 
M Dembele 20yo ATT6 form 35 coached x4

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 10:47 pm:


T Courtois 25yo GK6 form 33 
M Langerak 28yo GK4+     

V Kompany 31yo DEF6*+ form 42  
M Richards 29yo DEF6*+ form 36  
Juanfran 32yo DEF5+     
M Taylor 38yo DEF4     
S Ignashevich 37yo DEF4     
R Sastre 24yo DEF3     

P Pogba 23yo MID6*+ form 14 
S Niguez 22yo MID6*+ form 28 coached x1  
A Vidal 29yo MID7 form 51 coached x2    
D De Rossi 35yo MID6* form 49 coached x5   
Fernandinho 32yo MID5+     

T Muller 27yo ATT6*+ form 47 coached x1    
X Shaqiri 25yo ATT6*+ form 29 coached x5   
T Alcantara 25yo ATT6*+ form 31 coached x1     
C Gadi 25yo ATT6*+ (loaned from AEK) form 27 
W Zaha 24yo ATT6+ form 43 coached x1 (loaned from Anderlecht)    
Y Carrasco 23yo ATT6*+ form 62 coached x4

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 11:18 pm:


P Cech 34yo GK6+ form 36
M Jovacic 22yo GK4+     
J Steer 25yo GK3     

R Bertrand 28yo DEF6* form 36     
J Bernat 23yo DEF6* form 26 (loaned from Rangers)     
J Gomez 19yo DEF6 form 28    

W Hughes 22yo MID6*+ form 29 coached x1     
C Taylor 23yo MID6* form 40    
D Praet 22yo MID6* form 50 (NTO) coached x5   
D Alli 20yo MID6+ form 62 coached x4   
S Defour 29yo MID5+     
Y Tielemans 19yo MID6 form 59 coached x5   
T A-Arnold 18yo MID4*+ form 36 coached x4 (loaned from Liverpool)    
D Brasanac 29yo MID4     

U Durdevic 23yo ATT6*+ form 16 
H Kane 23yo ATT6+ form 55 coached x1     
K Iheanacho 20yo ATT6 form 42 (loaned from Rangers)     
Eduardo 33yo ATT5+

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 11:42 pm:


M Neuer 31yo GK6+ form 27  
M Boussa 24yo GK4     

D Lovren 27yo DEF6+ form 34  
A Laporte 22yo DEF6+ form 24    
C Samba 33yo DEF5+     

S Jovetic 27yo MID6*+ form 26   
C Eriksen 25yo MID7 form 56 coached x1   
F Thauvin 24yo MID6*+ form 59 coached x5   
M Gotze 24yo MID6* form 20  
G Medel 29yo MID5+    
J Eustace 38yo MID4     
Ji-Sung Park 36yo MID4     

C Atsu 25yo ATT7* form 57 coached x5 
Neymar 24yo ATT6+ form 24 coached x1     
A Martial 20yo ATT6+ form 20 coached x1  
K Mbappe 18yo ATT6+ form 29 coached x4 (loaned from Bayern)     
S De Jong 26yo ATT6*+ form 62 coached x5 
A Nimely 26yo ATT6*+ form 55 coached x5 (loaned from AEK)

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Sunday, July 30, 2017 - 04:51 pm:


D Ospina 28yo GK6 form 42 coached x5 (loaned from Anderlecht)     
J Pickford 23yo GK5+    
A Areola 24yo GK5 form 34 coached x2     

I Cheminava 26yo DEF6+ form 30   
V Wanyama 25yo DEF6+ format 36    
J Lukaku 23yo DEF6* form 59 coached x5    

M Salah 24yo MID6*+ form 20 
S Abdurahmani 24yo MID6* form 42 coached x5    
R Davies 30yo MID5+     
H Bunn 24yo MID4     

J Pastore 27yo ATT6*+ form 20  
V Moses 26yo ATT6*+ form 20     
E Lamela 24yo ATT6*+ form 28  
A Schurrle 26yo ATT7 form 61 coached x5    
A Sainrimat 24yo ATT6+ form 28    
A Campbell 23yo ATT6+ form 20    
P Gallagher 32yo ATT5+     
M Rigters 33yo ATT3

By Dean Fisher (Jag) on Sunday, July 30, 2017 - 04:58 pm:

LIVERPOOL (Dave)     

D de Gea 26yo GK6+ form 15 (loaned from Inter)  
S Bruzzese 29yo GK5+ form 6   
B Jones 34yo GK4     

W Carvalho 23yo DEF6*+ form 12 coached x1    
E Dier 21yo DEF6*+ form 16   
D Boyata 27yo DEF6+ form 24    
K Gunter 22yo DEF6 form 37 coached x5     
G Cahill 31yo DEF5+     

J Henderson 26yo MID6*+ form 18  
J Shelvey 25yo MID6*+ form 45 coached x4    
S Ribery 21yo MID6* form 27 coached x1     
R Quaresma 33yo MID5+     
M Adu 27yo MID4     
C McCann 30yo MID4     

Nolito 30yo ATT7 form 58 coached x4     
R Firmino 25yo ATT6+ form 24    
D Jennings 24yo ATT6+ form 16   
A Januzaj 22yo ATT6* form 12 coached x1    
N Kalinic 29yo ATT6 form 14  
M Batshuayi 24yo ATT6 form 57 (NTO) coached x4 (loaned from Chelsea)

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